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Authentic mountain bike...

Trough paths, tracks and trails, on this unique place in the world called Lanzarote.

Vulcan Bike Track de Lava

Authentic mountain bike paths, tracks and trails, on this unique place in the world called Lanzarote.

Lanzarote. Forget about the world you know. Come experience another planet. A mineral and primitive planet. A place that reminds us of the origins of our world.. 247 kms and 3,500 meters of accumulated elevation gain on an authentic mountain biking route covering paths, trails, and single-tracks around this unique place on the planet called Lanzarote.

VULCAN BIKE CLASSIC: Catalan TV Program “Temps d’Aventura”, when we were called Pedales de Lava 

We will avoid asphalt as much as possible and will, therefore, taste the spirit of the island. We may even dance with her and we’ll surely have an unforgettable journey.

Forget about the typical Canary image of beaches and palm trees. There is a lot more than that. There is a whole world of isolation, tradition and beauty which will trap you forever.

VULCAN BIKE PLUS In really strong windy days. That crazy wind is unusual but we love this video.

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Authentic mountain bike along roads, tracks and trails, around this unique place in the world called Lanzarote.










What is Vulcan Bike?

Vulcan Bike & Trails. Isla de Lanzarote We offer…

The GPS tracks will take you along the route without any navigational problems. If you don’t have a GPS, however, you can rent one from us.

You will sleep in the establishments used for Vulcan Bike. You will be able to eat the most typical Canarian dishes in the many villages that you will find along the route.

We offer the possibility of doing the route at your level. The most logical version is the 5 day one (our recommendation), but you can also the route in 6 or 7 stages which is even easier. Or to the contrary, set yourself the goal of doing it in 4 days (very hard). Each option can be done with or without a guide.

Why not stay for a few days more on the island to enjoy the peace and quiet of the places which you most enjoyed of the circuit or to visit the varied points of interest that perhaps you didn’t see?

We also recommend that you use our baggage transport service between the different lodging options we offer you.

When you finish the route and once you have passed all the control points, we will give you the exclusive cycling jersey as a reward for having finished the Vulcan Bike route.

During the route, the companions can enjoy the many activities available on the island. This includes the children as well as the adults.


Recommendations for the Vulcan Bike Route:

-The route can be done year round, keeping in mind the recommendations regarding the summer months. They are windier, it is more difficult to find accommodations and the prices are higher (particularly in August). The best months can be between September and June. -It is necessary to use a mountain bike and is highly recommended that it be onee with double suspension. Helmets are obligatory. We suggest that you bring the necessary repair equipment for small repair needs. If you have significant repair needs, there are several bike shops on the island. -Don’t think lightly of the lack of distance or the lack of accumulated elevation. The terrain of Lanzarote is of such a type that most riders are not accustomed to and in some cases the kilometric or elevation references are of little importance. You don’t need to think that it is an impassable rocky hell. It simply isn’t. Yes, there are a lot of rocks, but along the majority of the route you will enjoy yourselves with just exception of the constantly changing terrain. First there is a fast track, then a technical trail in the middle of a lava field or a fast hard sandy trail on the edge of the cliffs. Nearly 100% of the route can be ridden. – In the case where you choose not to use our baggage transport service, it is recommended that you take the least amount of weight possible in order to enjoy the route to the maximum. The route is challenging enough without additional weight. If you come with companions we recommend that you rent a vehicle to allow the companions the opportunity to visit the island and to move your baggage. We can help you find very economic rental car rates. It is recommended not to bring a lot of luggage. The first reason being that the climate of the Canarian islands doesn’t require a lot of clothes. Secondly because to get to and from the Graciosa Island you will have to handle the luggage yourselves between the apartment and the dock. – In Lanzarote it is rarely cold. Normally a wind stopper or rain jacket will be sufficient to fight against the elements. It rains very little, but when it does rain it can be an intense and continued rain. In the evenings it is recommended to wear a light jacket. The temperatures rarely dip below 10º even in the winter. -The heat is rarely extreme. Some summers for a few days we can pass the 40º mark, but this is not usual. The normal temperatures fluctuate between 18º and 25º. In the depths of the ravines of the Ajaches it can be quite hot. In any case, given the strength of the sun it is necessary to be well equipped with sun protection. -The wind can be quite strong especially in the summer.  The dominating winds are “the alisios” and they come from the northeast. Although  wind is the cyclists’ enemy, in Lanzarote these cool and humid winds soften the climate and make life a bit easier. The humidity in the form of dew is absorbed by the land and helps greatly with agriculture. Along the route, if the wind is bothersome it will be largely during the first stage between Puerto del Carmen and Orzola. It will help you nearly the rest of the route. To make things easier think of the refreshing winds as a good thing because without them the temperatures in Lanzarote would be much less pleasant! -We can’t forget to recommend that you lengthen your stay on the island a day or more after finishing the route. We are certain that you will want to return to enjoy (without any hurry) the many amazing spots you passed along the truly magnificent Vulcan Bike trip. Although the route passes through many interesting places of Lanzarote, it doesn’t hit every one.  For example, the Geria, the Cesar Manrique Foundation and many other locations merit a visit. If you haven’t gotten your full, we can also recommend other mountain biking routes in the interior of the island which would be a fine finale to your wheeled experience on this unknown cycling paradise called Lanzarote.

Who are we?

Vulcan Bike are a fun loving mountain bike nature exploring group, who have spent years enjoying and exploring the cycling paradise that is Lanzarote. Our craving for exploration is what has led us to trace the Vulcan Bike route.

With the help of many friends, Chema, Justo and Maxi have been able to start this adventure within Lanzarote.

Our love and passion for bicycles has enabled us to go beyond Lanzarote and we have been fortunate enough to pedal all around the world to different places such as – New Zealand, Patagonia, Marroco, Cuba, Central America, the 4 coasts of Spain, Sardinia etc. And we have no intention of stopping until we are forced to do so.

Maxi, CEO and promoter of our adventure.

Justo, expert cyclist and well knower of all the paths of the island. He will attend you in all the times.

Chema, founder partner. He is not anymore in Vulcan Bike, but without him this adventure would have been imposible

Many thanks to the Canaries Goberment for the different helps they have given to us, to be able to keep working during the Covid 19 Pandemy, that has affected very badly our activity.

Agradecemos al Gobierno de Canarias las subvenciónes concedidas para afrontar las dificultades provocadas por la Pandemia Covid 19, que ha afectado gravemente a nuestra actividad.




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