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Vulcan Bike Plus

Vulcan Bike Plus

Total: 296Kms (Including the final stage on the iSland of La Graciosa: 326Kms) Acumulated positive slope of 6.250m (Includind the final stage of La Graciosa: 6.550m).

This is a new version of VULCAN BIKE created for lovers of great challenges. We have tried to create a route avoiding as much asphalt as possible and seeking beautiful landscape in its place. As the stages progress, so does the fun!!

The Real Challenge!!!

Within this new route not only do we incur less asphalt, we have gained more kilometers and more mountain trails.

This is the 5 day option, but can be carried out in 4 days, if you do not include the final part of visiting the precious island of La Graciosa.

La Graciosa is the easiest stage of the route and cannot be changed due to the level of environmental protection that is subject to this small island, but…… as 99.9% of all our visitors have thoroughly enjoyed this little paradise island we highly recommend you take part in the adventure.

Should you decide to perform the “La Graciosa stage” it will take part as the 2nd stage, directly after Puerto Del Carmen-Orzola stage.

We would like to emphasize that due to the type of terrain, positive slopes and technical difficulties that can occur, this tour is only recommended for people of a high physical and healthy wellbeing.

If you are concerned you will be unable to carry out such stamina that is required, we recommended the CLASSIC route, the slightly easier tour and one full of great beauty.

The PLUS version is carried out using GPS tracking system. There is no logbook etc. but each person will be provided with a sheet containing all the indicative information needed for each stage.

1ª Stage: Puerto del Carmen-Orzola

86 Kms, 1.700 meters positive accumulated elevation.

2ª Stage: La Graciosa  (optional)

30 Kms, 300 meters positive accumulated elevation.

 3ª Stage: Orzola-Famara

63 Kms, 1.750 meters positive accumulated elevation.

4ª Stage: Famara-Playa Blanca

92 Kms, 1.450 meters positive accumulated elevation.

5ª Stage: Playa Blanca-Puerto del Carmen

55 Kms, 1.400 meters positive accumulated elevation.

Tracks de Lava - Vulcan Bike Plus

Please let us in comments if there are couples who can sleep in bed. Where families come, Describe in "Comments" the composition of each family and is very important to indicate the age of the children.


Experience has demonstrated that it is much better than you elijáis and buy some airline tickets. At first we were processed, but the time lag between that flight and I ofertábamos aceptabais you, used to cause problems, as by little passing a couple of days while you decided you, prices had risen. Also if You buy you, you have the freedom to choose schedules, scales, etc .... adjusting the trip to your preferences.


The dates on which you would like to travel and in what mode.

Date of Arrival in Lanzarote

Lanzarote Departure Date

Modalities Vulcan Bike Plus. How many days on a bike?

Economical StandardMedium StandardHigh StandardIndependent Travellers Choise


Luggage Transport


Renting a Bike

I do not want to rent a bikeFull suspension MTB


I have a GPS. Send me the tracks pleaseYes i want to rent a GPS (30€ the whole route)


NoI do want an accident insurance for the route days: 50€


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